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3/28/01  Streaming Video is here!!
Try these out: (Gasoline Alley video shoot) (high bandwidth needed)
 blvd.wmv    gotwhat.wmv  someone.wmv    heavensdoor.wmv   credits.wmv

Knocking on Heaven's Door" is copyright Bob Dylan (I'm pretty sure)

In here are some pics and sound clips from the good old days of rock-n-roll, plus some stuff I've been doing lately.

** Copyright info and a note about the sound clips

Drummers Explained:   

Pics from the cave

Redd Roxx 2010

Some stuff from home During my 15 year break

Flight 19     1994-1995

Gasoline Alley  1991-1994

Hair, Chipmunks, the whole package...   <- Big Hair Days  1988-1991

Diamond Romeo    1987-1988

Tangent   1985-1987

Asylum (thought of that all by ourselves)  1982-1983

Triple Protection, gets teeth their Whitest!  1979-1982