Q1, 2003

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March 21 2003
Pictures of the "Storm of the Century".  Granted, the century's only 3 years old, but it's the worst in a lonnggg time. We had no power for 2 1/2 days, and it got COLD!

I thought I knew hardship & hunger when the automatic locks on my limousine malfunctioned & I had to live off limes & lemons from the backseat bar for 2 whole hours.  Looking back now, that weren't nuthin'.

Also, pictures from our day at the zoo.

Feb 13 2003
Just got done with the first pass at restoring some old movies from our childhood.  See what you think of Christmas 1967 Let me know if it plays OK.

Feb 4 2003
NEW POLICY: OK, the kids are getting older, and understanding WAY too much lately. Sooo, I have decided to password-protect the Dirty Jokes page.  There's nothing particularly raunchy in there, just all the borderline stuff that all of you sickos (my dear web readers) send me via email.  Nonetheless, it is now password-protected.  Just click here to send me an email, and I will evaluate your request for access.

Feb 4 A couple of new pictures and additions to both jokes pages