March, 2002

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In a startling display of laziness, I have put up March's page today, March 28.  It contains....nothing!  I promise I will get April cranking out as usual...






One of my favorites:



> This is an e-mail from a young ensign aboard USS Winston Churchill

> (DDG-81) to his parents. (Churchill is an Arleigh Burke class AEGIS guided

> missile destroyer, commissioned March 10, 2001, and is the only active US

> Navy warship named after a foreign national.).


> Dear Dad,


> We are still at sea. The remainder of our port visits have all been

> cancelled. We have spent every day since the attacks going back and forth

> within imaginary boxes drawn in the ocean, standing high-security watches,

> and trying to make the best of it. We have seen the articles and the

> photographs, and they are sickening. Being isolated, I don't think we

> appreciate the full scope of what is happening back home, but we are

> definitely feeling the effects.


> About two hours ago, we were hailed by a German Navy destroyer, Lutjens,

> requesting permission to pass close by our port side. Strange, since we're

> in the middle of an empty ocean, but the captain acquiesced and we

> prepared to render them honors from our bridge wing. As they were making

> their approach, our conning officer used binoculars and announced that

> Lutjens was flying not the German, but the American flag. As she came

> alongside us, we saw the American flag flying half-mast and her entire

> crew topside standing at silent, rigid attention in their dress uniforms.

> They had made a sign that was displayed on her side that read "We Stand By

> You." There was not a dry eye on the bridge as they stayed alongside us

> for a few minutes and saluted. It was the most powerful thing I have seen

> in my life. The German Navy did an incredible thing for this crew, and it

> has truly been the highest point in the days since the attacks. It's

> amazing to think that only half-century ago things were quite different.


> After Lutjens pulled away, the Officer of the Deck, who had been planning

> to get out later this year, turned to me and said, "I'm staying Navy."


> I'll write you when I know more about when I'll be home, but this is it

> for now. Love you guys.




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Another awesome shot

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