March, 2001

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3/4/01   Doing lots of traveling right now, but trying to make the most of my time home.  Got a new toy at home, an LCD projector - gaming is AWESOME!!  EGuy put together a ceiling mount for it, it's very sanitary now.

3/7   I made the Picture page frame-based... let me know if you like it better.

3/15  Unbelievable!!  2 Accidents in a month!  This time the other guy had insurance though.  So, just as we get the van out of the shop, we put the Mercedes in.

3/17  Jenny's bridal shower happened today, quite a good time for all (that is, if you're a woman and you like that sort of stuff).  Lots of pictures...

3/20  Finally took the time to learn how to shut down the damn email SPAMmers