September, 2000

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"The face of a child can say it all... especially the mouth part of the face."

School started.. everyone take a deep breath and say a little prayer of thanks that we survived the summer.

Julian started Soccer!  Some cool pics on the picture page.

Some great jokes this month (clean & dirty), mostly from Daria .

My favorite email this month,from Jeff (on location in San Antonio)

I read in the newspaper that we moved from a summer climate to a winter climate this week. I would like to believe this, but they forgot one thing. It will be mid-90's today, with humidity in the 50-60% range. That should get that "real-feel" index right up there. It was 111 degrees here less than two weeks ago! Am I missing something? Winter? What we really have here (and I'm one of the few who has figured it out) is a conspiracy on the part of retailers and winter clothing designers to try to bolster a sagging market. And this is Texas, so you know there's a little payola going into a few pockets downtown, too! We may deceive ourselves about the weather here, but, again, this is Texas, so we can wear white whenever we damn well please. Have a great "autumn" day.