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The Bad Clown

                        By Ryen Skillin.

The bad clown had one eye and he had three ears and five legs and six arms and not a single nose. He did have one mouth.  On Halloween night the bad clown stole all the candy and ran to his house in the mountains. He ate all the candy. He got sick. He stayed in his bed. He does not feel any better. He knows he has to go to the doctor. He knows he stole the candy. He knows it was wrong. He knows he has to do something for the people so they will not be upset with him. He thinks for a while and diecides to apologize and buy candy to return to the people. He goes to the doctor and gets medicine to help him. After that he goes to the store, and buys the candy . The people said thank you to the clown. They took the candy. The clown goes back to his house in the mountains. He goes to bed because he had a tiring day.

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